University City

Futbol Club

No cost, no obligation offseason CO-ED workouts begin in late November, 2022. Check back here for dates.

Boys, get in shape for our 2023 Spring season. Girls, stay in shape for your school Spring season.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Mr Barbeque Fall Classic!


UCFC is a newly developed club (Est 2021) in the University City area of Charlotte, NC. This non-profit club is designed to give players ages 13-17 an opportunity to play and develop through practices, scrimmages, friendlies and competitive tournaments. The club is a U.S. Soccer affiliated club. We currently field a boys team and a girls team.

We are in our 2022 Girls season. Practices are Monday and Wednesday nights, along with Saturday mornings. We are planning to play at least 4 regional tournaments and multiple friendlies in this season. For detailed information, please send email to

Our boys team will start back late in 2022 for our 2023 Spring Boys season. Check back here in November for updates.

UCFC Boys (born 2006-2009)

UCFC Boys team season plays a Spring season that runs roughly March to June, with practices that start in February. The team plays in at least 4 tournaments in the region during their season, along with other friendlies and scrimmages. Practices are Monday and Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings during their active season. The team is led by US Soccer certified coaches with high school and middle school boys soccer team coaching experience.

UCFC Girls (born 2005-2008)

UCFC Girls play a Fall season that runs roughly August through November, with practices beginning in late May. The season includes 4 tournaments in the region, along with many other scrimmages and friendlies that are local. Practices are Monday and Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings. The team is led by U.S. Soccer certified volunteer coaches with experience coaching high school and middle school girls soccer teams.

You can download our 2023 informational tri-fold here.