About Us

About UCFC

University City Futbol Club was established in 2021 in the University City area of Charlotte, NC.

The goals of the new club are to provide an affordable (non-profit 501.3c) opportunity for teenage soccer players to play in a competitive environment. Instead of focusing on profit, we are able to focus on player development, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship. Boys and girls seasons are specifically set to play in the off-season for high schools so that the players can continue their development and training year round. We play specifically chosen regional tournaments so that players get the experience and challenge of club-level play - but with the emphasis on technical and skills development.

Our program is typically about a quarter of the cost of a traditional club program in our area.

UCFC Board

The UCFC Board is made up of volunteers. They handle the 'business' side of the Club... paperwork, payments, planning, etc.

UCFC Coaches

The coaches are all US Soccer certified. They handle the 'on the field' side of the Club... players, practices, playing times, etc.

Coach - Ed McDonough

Coach Ed has extensive experience leading soccer programs and coaching boys and girls soccer in high school and middle school. He loves the competition and loves seeing players improve. His passion is developing technical skills through innovative practices.

Coach - Brian Young

Coach Brian has over a decade of experience coaching players in rec, middle, and high school; boys and girls teams. He is the tactician who enjoys the mental challenge of the game. His passion is offering players a chance to lead and develop, on and off the field.

Coach - Jake McIlvain

Coach Jake has experience coaching high school players in several sports, including soccer. His passion is engineering solutions in practice drills, game planning, and execution. An avid volunteer with youth in many different arenas (Scouting, Science Olympiad) - not just soccer arenas - make him a critical part of the team.